Dental Crowns

When cavities threaten your teeth’s health and structural integrity, dental crowns come to the rescue. PFM, E.MAX and gold crowns serve the purpose of halting cavity damage and stopping the resultant pain. The crown covers the entire tooth and are attached with dental cement, which will keep it firmly in place.

Dental crowns are sometimes made of gold, but many people prefer subtler materials like porcelain. Whatever kind of crown you want, a dentist will be able to install it. The installation procedure can take some time, but will be worth it.

Under no circumstances do you want a cavity to linger. The longer you wait, the bigger it grows. This will result in more damage, and will also hurt a great deal. See a cosmetic dentist as soon as you start feeling pain in your teeth. Our dental laboratory can help with dental implants and more!

Those looking for a good Geneva, IL dental lab can find one in the form of Jeffrey G. Soldati DDS, PC. We can help with all of your dental crown and more. Our dental laboratory is on site. Crowns and bridges made with high noble metal/porcelain certified materials.


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